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Микроквартира в стиле деревенского прованса


…Why not? And why, among the multitude of interiors in the style of techno and minimalism, not to create something from the memories of childhood, from the depths, with the warmth of grandmother`s hands, with the spinning apples and freshly baked pies?

Yes, everything is possible!

Interior in the style of Provence with notes of Russian Classics, but also elements in the retro style of the 50`s. A unique element of the interior and the center of the composition is… the refrigerator!

It is the special retro-style, soft blue refrigerator, which is the main shade against the white interior.

Natural, lively interior. Only in two basic colors, where the third – oak s introduced only as a nuance in the furniture. Which, by the way, is made of a solid wood. Just like the wall covering. Even curtains instead of furniture facades are made of natural flax. This interior feels warm and calm; nothing will disturb the health in it. It is ideal for rest, good family meetings and warm soul conversations with loved ones…