//  I am Artem Ivanenko – 3D artist, art director, and co-founder of Ukrainian CG company Mriya Production.

//  I have been working in 3D graphics and animation in various fields for over 20 years.

//  With a background in architecture, I started with architectural design and worked in this field for about 10 years. Then my skills were applied in advertising and film, and at the same time, I opened my first studio that developed 3D content and animation.

//  About 8 months before the war in the country began, my partners and I opened a new, innovative in Ukraine company, Mriya Production, which creates virtual worlds for Virtual Production technology.

//  We invested our experience and some of the staff from my studio. Even while working with architecture, I faced the difficulty of obtaining photorealistic 3D content that simulates real things for high-quality visualization. And back then, I started to learn about the fairly new technology of 3D scanning. However, at that time, I only used it to decorate visualizations.

//  Everything changed with the war in Ukraine.
My hometown of Irpin was destroyed by 70%, and Russian soldiers lived in my house.

//  At the same time I realized that photogrammetry technology could preserve and show the world the consequences of this brutal war, be a factual basis for crimes, and also save art and historical objects that are destroyed every day.

//  My current goal is to collect as much information as possible about the consequences of the war and provide it to the world as virtual 3D presence.




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