Festival de Cannes. Cannes. France
May 18 - 24/2023


//  MURALS is an immersive visual experience that uses cutting-edge 3D scanning to place viewers face to face with the war devastation in Ukraine. The not-for-profit art project follows captures of Banksy’s artwork left on the rubble of people’s homes, schools and infrastructure.

//  The project goal is to raise awareness of the topic of war among the most inert but at the same time most influential layer of the world’s population – the creative one. To attract new channels of support for the country, to receive humanitarian and financial aid for the benefit of Ukraine.

//  Now we are preparing a major international project with support from Polish Film Institute and with friends and partners from Poland, USA, Spain and France.

//  Project named – MURALS

//  MURALS – an art project recording the devastation in Ukraine. 

//  It is an interactive virtual installation based on advanced cinematic technology with a full immersion effect.

//  The installation will be placed at the International Film Festival des Cannes in 2023.

//  Using full immersion technology, we will make the viewer feel all the emotions that Ukrainians experienced in war and occupation. We will show the consequences and destruction that russia has brought to us. We will force even the most distant viewer to become a participant of actions in Ukraine.


// from Cannes de Festival 2023


// world press about us


Combining Unreal Engine and 3D scanning technologies, ‘MURALS’ confronts viewers with...


The experience, which is created in Unreal Engine and displayed on LED screens, features murals by Banksy, created ...


The work, directed by Ukrainian Artem Ivanenko and US artists Alex Topaller & Daniel Shapiro...


“MURALS” is an immersive and breathtaking 180-degree visual experience that uses cutting-edge 3D...


Alex Topaller & Daniel Shapiro
Aggressive / Directors / USA
Artem Ivanenko
Scanning Artist / Mriya / Ukraine
Radosława Bardes
ATM Virtual / Producer / Poland
Maciej Zemojcin
PixelRace / VP Producer / Poland
Maksym Dudko
Mriya / VP Producer / Ukraine
Federico Gonzalez Montoya
Tigrelab / Art Director / Spain
Jason Yantz
Editor / USA
Bartez Putkiewicz
Sound Designer / Poland
Helgi Palko
Copy Editor, Translator / Ukraine
Brandon Epperson
Technical Consultant / USA
Gio Pachkoriya
Poet / Ukraine
Egor Grushin
Composer / Ukraine
Lina Maria Shlapak
Designer / Ukraine
Ion Romero
Tigrelab / Unreal Artist / Spain
Antonio Nieto
Tigrelab / Unreal Artist / Smode Artist / Spain
Borja Pastori
Tigrelab / Unreal Artist / 3D Artist / Spain
Laura Gomez
Tigrelab / Producer / Spain
Arsen Igorev
Website Developer / Ukraine


// and partners

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