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//  The war in Ukraine has brought its people a lot of pain, death, and destruction.

//  Our heritage, culture, and history are disappearing every day under the explosions of Russian rockets. And many in the world still do not know and understand the magnitude of the fear and pain experienced by the people of Ukraine.

//  We cannot stop this alone. But we can preserve what we have and make the world experience what is happening with us.

//  I live in the city of Irpin, Kyiv region. In a city that was one of the first to meet the war face to face.

//  My city was destroyed by 70%.

//  Russian soldiers lived in my house, and russian tanks were parked where my car used to be.

//  A russian squad shot my neighbors’ family while attempting to evacuate.

//  After the city was liberated, we discovered that most of the important and historical places in the city were destroyed. Since then, I have decided to create a publicly available national project to preserve historical, cultural, creative, and civic values in the virtual world.

3D scanning team from Ukraine

// Using 3D scanning, photogrammetry, Unreal engine technology and our own developments, I am collecting data in the form of highly detailed 3D models.

//  These models are 100% virtual copies of existing historical national treasures, art objects that existed or were created during the war, destroyed cultural objects, damaged civil structures, military, and civilian equipment.

//  As I gain access, I plan to study and scan every legally accessible corner of our country. From this data, a “Memory Bank of Ukraine” will be created, a publicly available virtual database where anyone, anywhere in the world, can see all events and experience this horror in “immersive mode.”

//  These models are already being used in media, video, and social spheres. They can be used in education, history, and science, as well as evidence of Russia’s criminal actions in Ukraine.

//  This project is absolutely non-commercial! I carry out all processes and trips at my own expense and with the help of friends and like-minded people.

//  I will be grateful for any support for this project – informational, technological, financial!

//  Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!

// BTS 3D scanning of Ukraine:

// Immersive experience:

// Virtual installation:

// 3D scan database:

// Test of the WEB integration (LQ):

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